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Porsche 992 Carrera Valved Exhaust System

Porsche 992 Carrera Valved Exhaust System

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Gain a significant sound improvement over factory PSE under all driving conditions with the SOUL Valved Exhaust. A large diameter X-pipe in the primary flow path allows for a refined amount of aggression while a bespoke X-pipe muffler induces a smooth exhaust note as the valves close.

+  All Soul Performance Products exhaust components are backed by the industry’s first and finest Lifetime Warranty for both street and track use
+  Designed and built in-house at the SOUL Willow Grove, PA facility

DEVELOPMENT:  the aim was to increase the volume of the rear exhaust while maintaining a refined tone and level of volume – even with upgraded catalytic converter sections. The factory valves are electronically controlled unlike older “open or closed” vacuum style valves.  Able to work variably, the valves will gradually open and close depending on several factors of engine operation. Even under full throttle application in Sport mode the valves will still not stay open 100% of the time. With this in mind it was imperative that the system will have a smooth transition during valve operation.

To tame drone SOUL made use of thier bespoke X-pipe muffler. Internally this muffler is quite unique. It has little to no restriction in the flow path, using straight through piping that is perforated to allow exhaust gasses to escape and become muffled in the surrounding packing material of the muffler body. SOUL incorporated an internal X-pipe to allow the exhaust flow to merge smoothly. These characteristics combined were crucial towards reducing and smoothing out the drone in the 2,000-2,400rpm range while enhancing that higher pitched note they were after in both the valves closed and open conditions. With valves open exhaust gases are free to flow through 3″ piping with an x-pipe to enhance the tone before exiting out the tips. Exhaust gasses still have a secondary flow path to “talk” with the muffler, encouraging a fuller, more robust tone. 

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