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“Grocery Getter” Long Rod Forged Shortblock

“Grocery Getter” Long Rod Forged Shortblock

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This Block Is Our Base Non Closed Deck (Semi Closed) EJ257 +2mm Long Rod Engine With Forged Internals.

This is recommended for 600BHP or less.

This engine consists of the following parts:
  • Seasoned EJ257 case halves
  • Forged Pistons (Default is CP but you can choose any shelf JE, Manley, or CP piston)
  • Outfront Motorsports H Beam Rods +2mm Long Rods
  • King Performance Bearings
  • New OEM Subaru Heat Treated Crankshaft
  • DEFAULT: 8.5:1 CP EJ257 Pistons UNLESS you select a different Block Configuration in the pulldown.
    • 9:1 EJ257 Pistons
    • 10:1 EJ257 Pistons
    • 8.5:1 Manley
    • 8.5:1 JE

    No Core required!!

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