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BimmerWorld Front Control Arm Bushings & Brackets, TrackCAB Solid - E30, E36, Z3

BimmerWorld Front Control Arm Bushings & Brackets, TrackCAB Solid - E30, E36, Z3

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BimmerWorld TrackCAB Solid Control Arm Mounts for your E30, E36, or Z3 are a hybrid mount/bushing set designed for drivers needing a solid control arm mounting solution without the added maintenance of spherical joints. The forged bracket is designed to increase caster for better high-speed stability, creating the same geometry found on an M3*.

The mount incorporates Delrin bushings for a no-deflection design and extended service intervals. Turn-in and brake stability are also highly improved with this solid configuration. Another great feature of the TrackCAB set is the ease of installation - there is no need for a press, making installation a breeze. If used for racing, please verify that replacement of the bushing bracket is legal in your class.


  • Solid design without the maintenance of spherical bearings
  • Incorporates the offset design of Motorsport control arm bushings, increasing caster for better high-speed stability
  • Installs easily without the need for a press
  • Can be used on the street, although NVH is increased 
  • Perfect for M50-swapped E30s needing added exhaust clearance
  • Forged steel construction to handle all the stresses of track and street
  • Long-wearing Delrin insert is replaceable - inserts available through our online store
  • Powder coated for corrosion resistance

* - Because the E30 M3 and 1995 M3 have offset control arm bushings, the TrackCABs will not increase caster for these particular models.

When used on 96-99 M3s, the wheel will be moved forward slightly in the wheel well due to additional caster. This may result in tire rub against the inner fender liner. We recommend using 95 M3 or E36 non-M Meyle HD control arms for these applications.

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