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BimmerWorld E36 Race Front Control Arms (Offset Ball Joint)

BimmerWorld E36 Race Front Control Arms (Offset Ball Joint)

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Bimerworld E36 race control arms are precision machined so that each joint is exactly in the correct location. They duplicated the geometry from E36 World Challenge racecars which compensates for the dramatically lowered stance of most racecars to regain proper front suspension geometry and roll center, translating to very noticeably better front grip.  This is one of the most overlooked suspension modifications for more highly modified racecars. Offset arm adds more camber than centered style arm by moving the outer bearing to the outside edge of the arm.

Includes one pair of arms, Aurora spherical bearings and cup for the outer joint, and all spacers and hardware. Fits all E36 and Z3 cars with 17" minimum wheel.  Light machining and modification of stock spindle required.


Fits all E36, E36/5 (318ti) & E36/7 (Z3)

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