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Apex SM-10 for Porsche Applications

Apex SM-10 for Porsche Applications

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Fit Matters

The right solution for every application
These concave SM-10 wheels are designed specifically for your Porsche. The SM-10 provides proper
load distribution and chassis-optimized fitments that allow enthusiasts to run their desired tire size and
compound without sacrifice. If you’re looking for a cost effective lightweight 18” wheel, this is your answer.

Face Profile

One design, many levels of beauty
The SM-10 wheel was created in three increasingly-concave face profiles; The shallowest face provides
maximum caliper clearance on narrow applications, while the deepest concave face reduces weight and
creates a stunningly aggressive appearance on wide-width applications.

"I" Beam Spokes

More than just a pretty face
The spokes of the SM-10 were designed to be robust where they need to be, and extra lightweight where
they should be. Weight is reduced by CNC machining material out from the sides of each spoke. It’s
expensive and avoided by almost every manufacturer, but affordable with volume. In each concavity
profile of our SM-10 design, the I-beam spokes are carefully evaluated from structural aspects to ensure
minimal weight, brake clearance, and remarkable strength.
Knurled Bead
Keep a true balance
We’ve upgraded these wheels to include a knurled bead seat to reduce unwanted tire rotation. This
added feature will help keep your balance stay more true throughout the life of the tire.

Beefier Lip

Ready for more abuse
By saving weight elsewhere, we’ve added extra material where it counts. We’re beefing up the barrel’s
inner lip on the SM-10 to better handle the repetitive abuse seen on the track.

Open Center

Easy to access lugs
Race wheels can't just be light, they need to function in a high performance environment. Unlike the
narrow lug recesses of most other wheels, the SM-10 wheel features a wide open hub center that easily
accommodates oversized race lugs and beefy impact sockets. This allows for quick and easy wheel
changes and prevents chips and scratches from tools.

Hub Centric

No rings or adapters here
All APEX wheels are purpose built for select vehicle applications, and centering rings are never required
for any Porsche application. All 5x130mm bolt pattern wheels feature a direct-fit, 71.6mm center bore.

Center Cap

A factory fit and finish
We don't reuse one cap design for all of our wheels. Every SM-10 wheel is designed to work with factory
center caps. You can easily replace APEX center caps with OEM Porsche crest caps for a clean factory
look. The SM-10 wheels will ship with our Gloss Black center cap that mimics the size and shape of a
Porsche factory center cap.

Brake Clearance

A lot of room in a tight space
Spoke clearance is only half the problem. The barrel construction on a wheel also needs to be big enough
to clear the sides of your caliper and rotor. Many aftermarket wheels that have aesthetic compromises in
their design may work with smaller stock brakes, or smaller diameter big brake kits, but the larger kits will
pose a major problem. Targeted at the serious performance-minded owner, 18” SM-10 wheels clear up to
380mm rotor, 6-piston brake kits including the factory PCCB’s.

Flow Forming

Benefits of forging, without the pain
All APEX wheels, including the SM-10 wheel, are produced using the Flow-Forming technique. This
process significantly reduces weight in the barrel, which has the greatest impact on rotational mass.
During the manufacturing process, rollers apply high pressure to the inner barrel, compressing the
aluminum into its final shape. This effectively eliminates porosity and aligns the grain structure of the
metal, which increases tensile strength. The end result of the Flow-Forming process is a lightweight and
extremely strong barrel that equals that of a traditional forged wheel at a fraction of the cost.

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