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Improved Racing

3.622" Stroke LS, Vortec Engine Crank Scraper & Windage Tray Kit

3.622" Stroke LS, Vortec Engine Crank Scraper & Windage Tray Kit

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Improved Racing designed this crankshaft scraper and windage tray kit for direct bolt-on installation in factory 3.622" stroke LS engines, with either factory main studs or upgraded ARP main studs. These kits are compatible with most factory and aftermarket oil pan setups (see application list table below). 

Improved Racing's crankshaft scrapers help reduce oil starvation by closely contouring the crankshaft and rods to remove excess oil, ensuring oil is quickly returned to the bottom of the sump. Crank scrapers also help reduce parasitic drag and windage losses caused by excess oil on the crank, which reduces rotational mass and results in dyno-proven gains of nearly 2% at the wheels. This equates to gains of up to 9 WHP on a 500 WHP vehicle. 

Improved Racing's second generation crankshaft scrapers are CNC-machined from 0.190" thick, 6061-T6 billet aluminum, making them twice as strong as our first generation steel scrapers. The crankshaft scraper kits also include an aluminum windage tray that is 10% lighter, 70% stronger, and provides more clearance for aftermarket rods than the factory windage tray. The included windage tray bolts directly to the scraper with self-clinching lock nuts instead of the main cap studs, allowing it to be installed without disturbing the scraper alignment. 

The crankshaft scrapers and windage trays were designed in CAD software using actual GM part models, prototyped, and test-fitted for a completely bolt-on fit in every listed application. The factory oil pump pickup tube is kept in factory location with no compromises or modifications required. 

Features and Benefits

  • Guaranteed to increase horsepower by up to 2% at the wheels
  • Scraper and windage tray assembly is 70% stronger and 10% lighter than the factory windage tray
  • Reduces oil starvation and aeration
  • 100% bolt-on installation
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • CNC-machined aluminum crank scraper
  • Aluminum windage tray
Technical Specifications
  • Material: 6061-T6 aluminum (scraper), 5052-H32 aluminum (windage tray)
  • Weight: 2.13-2.52 lbs (0.96-1.14 kg) (complete assembly)


Please use the table below to select the correct part number for your application. Start with the vehicle (or oil pan if an engine swap) you are using on the left column, then move right to find the part number for your specific setup. The factory crankshaft stroke for all LS engines is 3.622", except for the LS7 (4.000") and 4.8 liter blocks (3.267"). 

Installation Manual

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