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Vorshlag Toyota A90 Supra (2020-up) Camber Plates & Coilover Perches

Vorshlag Toyota A90 Supra (2020-up) Camber Plates & Coilover Perches

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Like virtually every BMW ever made, the A90 chassis of the Toyota Supra has McPherson strut front suspension design, which has almost no camber adjustment from the factory. These Mark 5 generation Supras need more front negative camber to allow them to be driven on a road course or in an autocross event without shredding the outside shoulders of the front tires.

Track side adjustment is easy, and our over-sized spherical bearings are designed to withstand the rigors of street and track abuse. The large sealed radial bearing allows the spring perch to rotate instead of relying on the spherical to spin within the bearing holder (which would wear it out quickly - like most competing designs). All Vorshlag components are plated for maximum corrosion resistance and long life.

  • Compatible with most coilover strut brands for the A90 Supra / Z4
  • Works with 2.25", 60mm, or 2.5" ID coilover springs (please specify in options)
  • Installs with hand tools and an impact gun, no chassis modifications required.
  • Camber is easily adjustable at the track with simple hand tools (1/4" hex wrench sold separately in this car's Suspension section)
  • The spherical bearing used in the Vorshlag camber plate is the largest used in any BMW camber plate on the market. The result has much better durability and wear characteristics than the undersized bearings used in our competitors' plates.
  • Aluminum alloy main plate and steel alloy bearing holder construction - Tough as a tank!
  • Sealed radial ball bearings isolate steering movement from spherical bearing. 
  • All components machined in-house at Vorshlag
  • All components plated or anodized for maximum corrosion resistance and long life.
  • Vorshlag upper spring perches are included and built to fit the three popular spring diameter sizes 2.25", 60mm, or 2.5" inner diameter

If you are using anything besides a 2.5" spring please put that in the notes so we can include the correct perches.

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