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Race Louvers

Porsche Cayman/Boxster '05-20 Top Fender Louvers, RSF Fender Trim

Porsche Cayman/Boxster '05-20 Top Fender Louvers, RSF Fender Trim

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Wind Tunnel Tested Top Fender Louvers Pair for the 2005-2020 Porsche Cayman & Boxster's

RSF Fender Trim

Each half approx 7" wide at the front and 19.5" tall

Note - For maximum efficiency we recommend the inner fender liners be removed. If the inner fender liners are to be retained we recommend cutting a hole in them near the louver and covering the hole with a screen, this will make the louvers functional while still providing protection from debris.

Arcflash LLC is proud to offer Race Louvers RSF fender louvers for the top of the front fender, rear upper front fender and over the front tire areas. All the performance of our tall aggressive RT design in our low profile RS package. They are design to extract air from within the front fender area increasing cooling by pulling air thru the radiators, increasing front downforce and improving splitter functionality. The lower fender pressure also aids in front brake rotor cooling as brake duct airflow is increased. Like our hood extractors, these also incorporate our Zero speed cooling design feature which allows for maximum cooling airflow while at zero or low speed.

- 201% more front downforce than the competition.

- 204% more airflow thru the radiator than the competition.

- Maximum front brake cooling.

- Maximum zero speed cooling, great for red flag conditions at the track, waiting in impound or making that long slow crawl thru the paddock.

- Powder coated semi gloss black or available bare.

- Includes: Louvers, color matched rivets, template, instructions and decals.

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