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Arcflash LLC

HPTuners Tuning

HPTuners Tuning

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Arcflash LLC is an authorized HPTuner.

We can tune your car at our dyno facility or remotely anywhere in the world. At our facility the first thing we do is rack your vehicle and do a pre-dyno inspection to make sure everything is in check and mount a wideband A/F ratio sensor for datalogging prior to loading on the dyno cell. From there, depending on the level of modification we verify the MAF calibration and VE tables. Our Dynocom all wheel drive dyno had an eddy current load absorption unit that allows us to sweep all usable loads at a give RPM. What this means for you is not only a proper tune but we can also do it quickly saving you time. Once open and closed loop A/F are dialed in we move onto boost levels (if needed) then finally ignition timing. If this is a road going car we'll follow up with a road test for drivability, verifying A/F & boost levels. 


For remote tuning we cover all the same tuning but obviously the methods are different. Once you purchase a tuning package we supply you with a list of proper logging parameters. Remote tuning can be done with or without a dyno.

  • If you have access to a local dyno we will schedule a time for live tuning set you up with a base map to begin with.  Subsequent maps will be available within 5 minutes of receiving logs. Depending on the level of modification 2 hours will usually suffice on a dyno.
  • Track tuning can be done in a very similar manor. We'll schedule with you to be available for live tuning and supply you with a base map. After each track session we'll review data logs and supply updated maps.
  • Road tuning ca be done for street cars when you don't have access to a dyno. We'll send you a base map and you will send us logs. Typically within a few hours we'll send you revised maps for testing.


We're also available to come to your facility of choice and tune onsite. This process is similar to tuning at our facility with the main difference being travel expenses. If interested reach out to us at for more information.

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