Bilt Racing Service BRS 2QT Deep Sump Oil Pan Kit MY97-08 M96/M97 inc. X51-Style Baffle


2 QT Deep Sump Oil Pan Kit inc. pickup tube extension for MY97-08 M96/M97 engines in Boxster, Cayman, and 911 models except GT2, GT3, or Turbo.

Helps prevent oil starvation related engine failures with improved baffling and oil control. It also reduces high oil temperatures experienced on track with its two quarts of increased oil capacity. Required when upgrading factory N-Spec Porsche tires with more aggressive compounds, especially those with treadwear ratings of 200 or lower.

This is our preferred solution for oil starvation when coupled with Driven XP9 race oil over our Accusump or Tandem Scavenge Pumps (like the TTP Oil Safe). No need for added scavenge pumps that increase parasitic drag on the engine. Simple and transparent. It just works. That's why we discontinued our tandem scavenge pumps.

Don't go to the track without it.

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