Evo 10, Center Hood Louvers, RX Extreme Trim


Wind Tunnel Tested Center Louver pair for the 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Evolution 10

RX Trim

Each half approx 16" wide at the front and 22" tall

Designed to be installed just forward of the oem vents. This places the louvers just behind the radiator and not too close to the high pressure area at the cowl for maximum efficiency while retaining the oem washer fluid squirters.

Arcflash LLC is proud to offer Race Louvers new Hood and Fender Louvers. These Louvers significantly outperform the competition and are designed for increase front downforce, increase radiator efficiency, cooler engine compartment temperatures and quicker cool down once parked. Each are available in three different levels of performance: RS, RT and the RX.

- 447% more front downforce in maximum downforce configuration than the competition

- 233% more airflow thru the radiator in maximum cooling configuration than the competition

- Maximum zero speed cooling, great for red flag conditions at the track, waiting in impound or making that long slow crawl thru the paddock.

- Less than half the cool down time than the competition

- Powder coated semi gloss black or available bare.

- Includes:  Louvers, color matched rivets, template, instructions and decals.

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