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  • AWE Tuning presents the Porsche 991TT Performance Intercooler Kit -- Precision cast end tanks, massive cores, more fins, carbon fiber ducting, backed by AWE Tuning R&D. If you’re serious about consistent cooling and proven power, read on.

    AWE Tuning 991TT Performance Intercooler Kit Highlights:

    • 17% increase in volume over stock
    • Lowers intake air temperatures by as much as 32°F compared to stock
    • Dyno-verified max gains of 26 hp and 21 ft-lbs of torque at the crank
    • 50% decreased pressure drop through intercooler cores
    • Increased fin density
    • AWE Tuning bespoke carbon fiber ducts
    • Efficient bar/plate core style
    • Precision cast and machined end tanks for optimized air flow
    • 6-ply silicone hoses with factory-type locking mechanism
    • Stainless steel T-bolt clamps for extreme clamping force
    • Direct, fully reversible, plug and play install
    • Engineered in-house at AWE Tuning using sophisticated Computer Aided Design & Computational Fluid Dynamics software
    • AWE Tuning Fitment Guarantee

    Installation Hardware

    In addition to the superior core and end tank design, the AWE Tuning Porsche 991TT Performance Intercooler Kit also features thick wall 6-ply silicone hoses with gentle curves to prevent bursting under pressure. They are attached to the factory intake and turbos by stainless steel high force t-bolt clamps, and a molded lip is integrated where the hoses meet the turbos to duplicate the factory locking mechanism. Further, our hoses use a Nomex braiding, instead of more common polyester, for superior strength. The very best materials and industry leading engineering separate this kit from all others on the market.

    Whether you’re simply running enhanced software, or planning on a larger turbo upgrade for your car, the AWE Tuning Porsche 991TT Performance Intercoolers are exactly what you need to deliver proven, consistent power.

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