Antigravity RS-30 Car Battery Mount


**NO LONGER AVAILABLE** The new version of the RS-30 (H6-30-RS) has integrated mounting and can be found here:


The Antigravity RS-30 lithium battery is very compact, with a smaller footprint than the original H6/Group-48 lead/acid battery found in your Porsche (or other Hi-Performance Car). But with this Mounting Tray attached to the RS-30, it then directly swaps into any Porsche that uses the “H6” aka “Group 48” size with no need for modifications. This makes the RS-30 a quick and relatively painless battery swap most anyone can do.

This RS-30 Mounting Kit uses the same stock mounting cleats as your 991.1 or 991.2 or any car using the Group 48/H6 size Battery including GT4s, Boxsters as well as most all other vehicles that use that battery size. The RS-30 Mounting Tray simply screws onto the bottom of the RS-30 battery, then becomes a direct swap for the H6/Group 48 battery.

The mounting tray is a CNC’d Aluminum design available in 4 colors: Billet (raw Aluminum) or anodized Black, Blue or Red. The kit also includes a matching Top Bar, two Support posts and hardware.

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