Antigravity RS-30 Car Battery


**NO LONGER AVAILABLE** The new version of the RS-30 (H6-30-RS) has integrated mounting and can be found here:



1200 CA


30 Ah (50Ah PbEq)


12 lbs


High Power

The RS-30 Lithium Car Battery has a built-in Battery Management System (BMS) to balance the Lithium cells for the safest, longest service-life possible. Additionally, this system has an automatic Low-Voltage Cut-Off that limits over-discharge and Protects the battery from damage.

With exclusive “RE-START Technology” the RS-30 will go into a “sleep” mode with enough energy to allow you to “RE-START” your vehicle if you over-discharge the battery. This means if you accidentally leave your lights on or play your stereo until the battery shuts off, you can still start your vehicle and drive away… Simply press a button on the battery and RE-START your vehicle! No need for jumper cables, jump-starter or assistance – no other battery on the market offers that!

Additionally, the lithium battery cells used by the RS-30 are rated at 2000 cycles – nearly TWICE that of Lead/Acid!


The RS-30 weighs only 12 lbs, puts out an incredible 1200 Amps, and can easily start a 900 Horsepower Big-Block V8! Yet it has a very compactfootprint at L 9-1/2” x W 6.25” x H 8”.

Compared to a Lead/Acid Battery the RS-30 is roughly 70% Lighter in most applications. In Race use it can offer as much as an 80% weight reduction. This equates to roughly 25-40 lbs of instant weight-loss just by changing out the Battery! That makes it the most cost effective weight-loss product hands-down. To save this much weight in Carbon or Titanium parts would cost over $10,000 dollars. So enjoy better handling, shorter breaking distances, better acceleration and better gas mileage with the RS-30 Lithium-Ion Starter Battery.


The massive weight reduction and ultra-powerful cranking performance of the RS-30 makes it perfect for use in Racing and Performance Vehicles, yet it can be perfectly at home in a “Daily Driver” Vehicle where the RE-START function will provide a high level of safety and comfort knowing you won’t be stranded and unable to start your vehicle in the event you drain the battery.

Other benefits include incredible vibration resistance, no liquids inside to spill, and no highly toxic materials such as Lead or Acid.

Please contact Antigravity Batteries with any questions you might have about our NEXT GENERATION Lithium-Ion Products.

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