Tarett Front Monoball Camber plate (pr), 718/981/991


We are proud to offer Tarett's new 991/981/718 front camber plate! Two versions are available to choose from. The Club Sport design is fully compatible with all shock kits that are designed to work with OEM mounts. This includes Ohlins R&T, PSS10, KW and the OEM (except GT3 or 4) struts and springs. The Race design is designed to be used with race style coil over kits like JRZ, Moton, MCS, AST and GT3 & GT4 struts.
Both camber plate designs have incorporated all the same features as Tarett's current line of competition proven monoball mounts. Offset mounting holes increase the  camber adjustment range by 1.3 degree on the Race plates, and .9 degree on the Club Sport plates. Caster is also increased by 1.6 & .8 over stock on the two designs.  The compliant factory rubber bushing is replaced with a large precision Teflon-lined spherical bearing for reduced camber changes, increased suspension feedback, quicker steering response, and better handling. The spherical bearing is made to Tarett's specific specifications, and will not wear out and rattle like others on the  market. The housing is CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum billet, providing high-strength, light weight, and a perfect match to the factory mounting surface. The spherical bearing is securely clamped into the billet housing. Other designs use a small retainer ring to trap the bearing in a bore, which could loosen and cause annoying and possible failure. The Club Sport design distributes the spring load on the housing, not the monoball, for increased monoball life.
  • Two designs to choose from, Club Sport or Race Style
  • Up to 1.3 degree camber and .9 degree caster addedd
  • Precision monoball bearing, positively clamped in position
  • Reduced camber changes & better handling
  • CNC machined housing
  • No bearing noise
  • Fully compatible with factory and aftermarket shock and spring kits
Race design is pictured on the left. OEM style is pictured on the right. Both kits are sold in pairs.  Note that ride height with the Club Sport design is increased by .09" with OEM (non-adjustable) struts.

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